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love it

tetris versão familia rica

the concept, the design, and the implementation are all spot on!

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I can't figure out what "table" the TV needs to be by in level 8. Anybody else?

Edit: I have proven that level is impossible to get 3 stars in

I played all the levels for 3 stars, so it is possible, but very hard though

What table are they even talking about?


This was a wonderful little game. I loved playing it so much, it's such a unique little concept. Here's a video of a very tired me playing this little game. XD


Very cool game. Challenging but never unfair, thumbs up! A exit button in the title screen would be neat^^


This is well made, great work.

Super cool and interesting! I am a little disappointed that I can't comfortably store my 2 fountains with my 3 couches and 6 bookshelves, though! XD