A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You play as a hamster possessed by the evil drum. The point of your existence itself from now on is to bring your peers to safety, guiding them through the dangers of this unpleasant world with the power of SICK BEATS.

Why? For the glory of Satan, of course!


WASD - control your drummer
Left and Right Mouse Buttons - beat the drum

The faster you click the faster they move. Use it sparingly though. Possessed drums have to eat too. Keep your energy in check and replenish it on the altar, or your mates will get lazy and slow.

You have to bring several hamsters to an end. Try not to kill them all at once.

Also enjoy, leave a comment and spread the word of upcoming doom!


Hamster_Druma_LD43_v0.1.1_win.zip 95 MB
Hamster_Druma_LD43_v0.1.1_linux.zip 107 MB
Hamster_Druma_LD43_v0.1.1_mac.zip 102 MB


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We had fun playing this game!!  It is a fun puzzle game!!  We recorded a video for our channel, we should be posting it tomorrow as a comment, as our editing software messed it up :/

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Here is our link to the re-uploaded video :) 


I really love the idea behind this and it was satisfying to learn the mechanics without any explicit tutorial. While I understand it could be difficult to implement music due to the drumming of the gameplay, but the general lack of sound left it all feeling a little empty. Otherwise I had a great time! The puzzles were great, the visuals are fantastic and the idea is just plain funny. Great work!